Diamond Studs for Implant Overdentures – Masterclass for Success


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  • Face-to-face teaching
  • Clinical workflow and case discussions
  • 1 day hands on experience with models
  • Tips & Tricks
Course Description

This course is aimed at dentists who are either just starting their journey with dental implants or those looking for a solution to enhance their existing workflows, to predictably streamline implant overdenture therapy. Straumann removable solutions provides access to a trusted, reliable hybrid denture connection.

Prosthodontic management of the edentulous arches with removable prosthesis is a complex and challenging procedure. Removable dentures remain an integral part of contemporary implant dentistry, and its design with the use of dental implants, using an evidence-based approach allows the ability to offer predictable, accurate and aesthetic long-lasting treatment solutions.

This interactive course focuses on implant assisted overdentures for both fully and partially edentulous jaws. The course will cover both the surgical and prosthodontic concepts involved in planning and designing these prostheses. In addition, participants will learn about key decision-making steps, clinical techniques, and protocols to optimise the use of the Novaloc® retentive system for long-term biological and mechanical success.

Since its launch in 2016, Akit has mastered the use of these innovative, diamond-like ‘press-stud’ abutments, that provide powerful and versatile connections to overdentures, to endure a reliable treatment solution. He would like to share his knowledge and strategies for learning from our success and mistakes, and guide you to visualise, finely tune and individualize your patient’s treatment, to allow the the ability to restore a patient’s dentition with a real sense of confidence and satisfaction, whilst maximising patient outcomes.

Course Aims & Development Outcomes


This workshop will provide you with a foundation in the knowledge and practical skills in the aspects of removable implant prosthetics. You will have the confidence to diagnose, plan, and perform chairside pick-up techniques that you can immediately use in everyday practice

Development Outcomes:

This course meets the criteria for the GDC’s development outcome C.

Course Objectives (Lecture and Hands-on):

  • Overview of removable complete and partial dentures
  • Outline indications for strategic use of dental implants in combination with removable partial dentures (RPDs)
  • Site placement for RPD usage
  • Understand the clinical workflow for implant overdentures
  • Prosthetic and surgical planning for ‘press-stud’ overdentures
  • Simplified removable implant prosthetic workflows
  • Novaloc® abutment selection: when, how and why (inc. hands-on)
  • Accurate impression materials and techniques (inc. hands-on)
  • Protocol for effective chairside pick-up/denture conversion into an overdenture (inc. hands-on)
  • Tips and tricks, troubleshooting, prevention, and management of the most common complications

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31st October 2024
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